Why you need a family doctor?

Because a family doctor

can be trusted and confided in

knows you & your family, your medical history

is a life long relationship with your family

is available 24X7 in case of any emergency

cures you in Illness and prevents
it by genuine advice

visits your family at home because
you are a part of his family too

proactively ensures that you stay fit by giving valuable health advice & tips

Hire a family doctor and give your family the gift of good health. Because family comes first, always!

How We Work?

Check out now, what all Doctor Parivar brings to you!

Simply put, Dr Parivar is a place to find & hire your family doctor. An online platform where you can

Search doctors of your preferred location & category

View doctor's profile, qualifications, experience, practice history, awards & honours, patient reviews & ratings, articles & blogs, social media profile & much more

Make an independent & unbiased decision of choosing your family doctor. After all it's your family, so you decide

Opt for a plan according to the size of your family

View listing of doctors matching your search

Compare doctors whom you shortlist, before you choose one for your family

See the Family Doctor Plans offered by each doctor, the benefits of the plan & cost too

Buy the plan online, make payment & get you family doctor

Doctor Parivar connects you to your Family Doctor, Know How?

As soon as you book your family doctor at Dr. Parivar, we get into action

You get a conformation mail & instructions manual. You will also get a welcome call

You create your family profile & update the family members with their details

You get a Welcome Kit on mail & thru courier. It will contain your Dr Parivar Subscription Card & your family doctor's information

Your family doctor will get an intimation on his mail an your family subscription

Once your family profile is submitted, your family doctor gets entire profile & data sheet both on mail & courier

Dr parivar prepares your family profile & sends it both on mail & through courier to your family doctor

Faayde ke Funde

You benefit when doctor is a part of your family

Knows your story and his-story

Your family doctor knows your entire family & lifestyle. Family doctor understands not the disease but the source of the disease, making treatment easier, faster and long lasting

Consult for big and small issues

For small things, when you don't feel the need to go to
a doctor, you can at least talk to him on phone & get
advise for simpler remedies. You know at times your
wait & patience complicates your problems even more

Curing & Caring

Family Doctor is not meant only to treat but to ensure that you remain healthy & fit. Your family doctor's visits at home would bring you tips & advise on overall well being & a healthy lifestyle

Your health "=" doctor's wealth

In case of any doctor other than a family doctor, you pay to the doctor on per visit, so the more visits you do, the more money doctor makes; whereas in Dr Parivar Plan, your family doctor likes to keep you fit and reduce your no of visits. Because the less the no of visits, the more is the revenue sense to him

Family doctor ke nuskhe

Family doctor would advise you on First Aid Kit & the Common Medicines, which you should ideally keep at home. It won't be a generic advise but he will do so looking at your requirements & background

Second opinion is always at hand

Even for some specific disease, if you are being referred
to some specialist or super specialist or a hospital, your
family doctor is still there to give you an unbiased counter
opinion. In medical world, second opinion matters the most
& it becomes priceless if it comes from a trusted source

A Family Doctor, who doesn't remain merely a doctor to you but becomes a friend, philosopher & guide to your family.

Plans For Your Family

Your family is a bundle of joy and this bundle comes in different sizes. To make things convenient to you, Dr. Parivar offers different plans , you can choose from, depedning upon the size of your family

Dr Parivar offers your 3 types of Family Doctor Plans


For a family of 4, dil mange more

Buy Now

For the 'Hum 7 Saath Hain' family

Buy Now

For the '10 ka Dum' family

Buy Now

The pricing structure of each of the plan is different & the plan values vary from doctor to doctor. The plan values are decided directly by the doctors.

Find a doctor for your family & Check out Plan Pricing Now

Select a doctor & check out the plans for you. Pick the best one, yourself.

Your Family Doctor Plan is a package of

Visits to your doctor

Health Advise - 24*7
Any Time, Any Where

Doctor on
phone, as & when you need

Visits of your Family Doctor, we call it Coffee with Doctor

Discounted Fee after
complimentary Visits

Discount on Vaccination
& Clinical Services

Personalised Care & Treatment
for your Family

Family Profile

Connecting your family to your doctor.

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